What to see in Madrid

The capital of Spain, Madrid, has become a cosmopolitan city with an important cultural and artistic patrimony, with a history that makes it unique in the world. Business center that combines the most modern infrastructures with its historical complex.

It has extensive parks created by kings throughout history and serve as a resting place for those who live in the day to day of the city. Tourist center of Europe with an airport that connects the city with all the parts of the world. Center of fashion in Europe, getting great protagonism in shopping tourism.

But Madrid is much more than history, modernity, tourism, fashion and business. This city is full of life, and this passion is contagious in all corners of the city that has been able to adapt to changes in society, creating neighborhoods very characteristic. A clear example is Chueca, a neighborhood that, being a traditional area, has become one of the most important LGBT neighborhoods of the world.

And this is what we want to convey from VisitChueca!, that felling for tradition adapted to the times mixed with that passion for living that characterizes Spanish culture.

From this section you can get more information of our city and make your visit better, and our neighborhood, of course!.