Moving around Chueca

Chueca is located in the heart of Madrid, next to Gran Vía and between Fuencarral and Calle del Barquillo. The well-known gay district of the capital is an area of the Justice district, located in the Center district of Madrid.

The best way to get around Chueca is on foot or by bike, you can reach all the places on foot so that you can enjoy its bohemian air and discover each one of its corners. But how do you get to Chueca?

Arriving in Metro

The Metro is the most efficient, fast and economic way to get around Madrid. The city has a very extensive metropolitan network, one of the most complete in Europe, and covers almost all points of the capital and many of the nearby cities.

The center of the neighborhood is Chueca Square where you can find Chueca Metro Station L5, you can also access the neighborhood from the nearby stations such as: Gran Via L1, Tribunal L1 L10, Alonso Martínez L5 L4 L10 and Banco de España L2.

The Metro provides a fast transport from 06:00 to 01:30 hours, with an interval between trains that runs between 2 minutes in the early morning and 15 minutes in the early morning (from 00.00 hours). The price for the single ticket ranges from € 1.50 to € 2.00, there is a payment of 10 trips with a cost of € 12.20.

Airport Express shuttle

Madrid has a shuttle service that connects the city center with Barajas airport. The line runs 24 hours a day every day of the year, which is a great benefit for users who have to arrive or leave the airport between 1:30 and 6:00.

The bus, called "Express Airport", travels the route in approximately 40 minutes. It has a frequency of passage of 15 minutes in daytime and 35 minutes in night time. The price of the ticket is 5 euros, which must be paid on the bus itself. And leaves you in Plaza de Cibeles which is located about 5 minutes walk from Plaza de Chueca.

Parking in Chueca

In Madrid, as in any big city, it is not advisable to get around by car. It is always preferable to use public transport. In any case, in the city there are numerous public and private parking lots that charge for as long as the vehicle stays parked. Street parking is limited at certain times in the most central districts of the city by Servicio de Estacionamiento Regulado (SER) (Regulated Parking Service)

We do not advise to move or arrive at Chueca in private vehicle, since the streets are saturated and are narrow, yet here you have a list of public parking.


Enjoy the city in a healthy and ecological way. The bicycle allows you to see the city at your own pace while you exercise and enjoy the outdoors. In Madrid you have several options to rent a bike or join a guided route. The capital counts on the service BiciMAD and with different centers specialized in bicycles that offer their rent, mainly in the environs of the big parks and tourist points.