Shopping by Chueca

Despite his fame, Chueca is not only the paradise of fun and nightlife. Especially in recent years, this district of Madrid has also become the Mecca of alternative shopping to department stores or fashion chains, and more and more tourists are taking advantage of their stay in the neighborhood to spend a day strolling through Its shops, offering everything from souvenirs related to gay tourism to gifts, fashion, decoration or books, all with an original touch.


Starting with the obvious, in Chueca there are two bookstores specifically gay, A Different Life and Berkana (Hortaleza, 62), where you will not only find books, but also DVD movies, magazines from around the world and also all kinds of souvenirs, gifts And rainbow complements, as well as jewelry, fans, stationery, fridge magnets and general gift items. For example, you can take home a typical Spanish fan, earrings or a belt with those rainbow colors that identify so many gay and lesbian people and is the perfect reminder of your stay in this multiracial, multiethnic, cosmopolitan and diversity of all kinds.

But Madrid is also known for the variety and quality of its shoe stores and few tourists are reluctant to take a good pair of shoes. In the street Augusto Figueroa are the best offers in Madrid shoes and all Chueca shoe stores have as a sign of identity the modernity, both in the interior of the stores and in the design of the footwear they offer. Although the neighborhood houses many more shoe stores, two good examples are, on the one hand, Zapaterias evo, a local with an original design where to find any type of shoes, from the most alternative and original to those that are worth their price in gold, and the another hand, Glass (Fuencarral, 51), specialized in sneakers, and that offers a sportier fashion with which to dress originally without leaving the salary in it.

In Chueca we can find the most curious shops, in the Gravina street there are several original stores like El Tintero (Gravina, 5), a classic in Chueca, you will find T-shirts that do not exist in any other store, since they all stand out for the originality of their phrases and colors. Continuing along Hortaleza street we will find shops of fashion mainly masculine; some erotic lingerie stores are also located on this street. In Fuencarral street we will find all kinds of international brands. But if we look for exclusive boutiques, we must move away from the epicenter of the neighborhood and approach the street Argensola. There boutiques are located in its purest French concept. In the streets adjoining the street Argensola we find a variety of exclusive shops.

Sex Shops

The sex shop before, dark and clandestine no longer exist. What today abound are the design shops with sex as a common thread and with a multitude of products that are advertised in leading magazines. Now these shops open to the street with large windows that let you see interiors where clarity and playfulness prevail. Their products, from lingerie to magazines or sex toys, are displayed on shelves and the dependents inform the clientele with professional zeal. City Sex Store is a good example of these places offering a selection of toys without complexes, fun and varied, and are always a good idea for an alternative gift.

Finally, do not forget to walk up and down the two main arteries of Chueca, Fuencarral and Hortaleza streets, since they have been for some years the mecca of young and alternative fashion. Its numerous shops, from the best known chains to the small boutiques, and from the more alternatives to those of the most exclusive design, are a sample of what is the most in in Madrid neighborhood, unprejudiced, free and fun for all.