Chueca +18

Chueca hides many corners where to realize your most intimate fantasies. It is no longer necessary to go to the darkest parks and corners of the city, in our neighborhood there are many places to "meet" people safely and in a clean and fun environment.

One of the busiest places, any day of the week, is LL Show Bar (Pelayo,11) , a bar-show where every night you can enjoy fun shows of transvestites, have a drink, and between acts enjoy your ground floor where you will find an environment more "intimate”.

Nearby you can enter Organic Men's Club (Pelayo, 30), which opens its doors in the place of another mythical and disappeared El Eagle, a sex-bar where you can enjoy a drink from very early into the evening. You will have the liberty to enter or to put you like you like, except in the party with Dress Code. Also in the heart of Chueca Shower Bar offers morbid and fun for nudists from Thursday to Sunday.

If you are looking for morbidity, fetishism and other practices. The Odarko is a session located in some bars. They have strict clothing code, depending on the day they can let you in or not with those clothes. Although you always have the option to undress completely. You can look for the parties on Facebook.

For lovers of nudism we have Naked Bar (Monteleon, 5) in Malasaña. To enter it is essential to do it naked or in underpants. A place for lingerie and underwear fetishists. It is packed on Sunday afternoons. 

Strong Center (Trujillos,7) is presumed to be the biggest darkroom in Europe, a must if you do not want to miss the capital's most morbid sites, electronic music sessions and a long labyrinth to lose you all night.

 Another essential if we leave Chueca is Attack (Olivar, 22), in the heart of Lavapiés with very good atmosphere and different parties throughout the week.

If saunas (bath houses) are your choice, you can find all the information in our guide, where you will also find many more places of cruising, and if you want we can guide you through the hottest areas of the city with our Dark Route.

Cancaneo (cruising in english) is the sexual practice of having sex in public places, usually anonymously and without ties. Cancaneo is usually made in parks, beaches, forests and other open fields near urban areas, as well as in all types of public restrooms and rest areas of motorways. Dogging is anglicism to refer to this activity when practitioners are heterosexual, while cruising is the English term used in the gay environment.