Chueca Nightlife

Madrid night is known worldwide for being fun, cheerful, diverse and safe, as well as concentrating numerous local, from restaurants and cafes to bars and nightclubs in such short distances to be each other with just a walk. The Chueca district is located in the epicenter of gay night with the most emblematic of the city for local LGTB.

Like any city, Chueca is full of bars, pubs, cafes and nightclubs where the night seems endless and is very easy to reach the early hours of the morning without having been home. Free and open to all, we review local 'atmosphere' most emblematic inside and outside this area.


The evening can start at any time in a quiet place to plan what is to be done at night or where they meet friends and discuss what has been done in the morning, and all while sightseeing. To do this, nothing better than Museo Chicote, a classic place where you have that maintains the atmosphere of the 50s, when he became a mythical place which stopped the major players passing through the capital, from Ava Gardner to Cary Grant. Museo Chicote offers us a renewed image of its menu, in which coexist cocktails like the indispensable Dry Martini with an innovative form of the cocktail like Edison or Marco Polo. In addition, we all know that living is sharing and have created a new concept with their The Reef, a rock cup in which you can enjoy your favorite cocktail with the company of your choice.

Meanwhile, cafe D 'Mystic is a peaceful and quiet place to take one of the first drinks or coffee mid afternoon. Also Garbel (Infantas, 28), in the middle of Chueca, is one of the novelties of the neighborhood where you can have a drink or snack something with a beer if it is late. The best ... their prices.

One of the most cutting-edge, modern design and bar in this area is Kubrick. Located on Calle Libertad, 28; Is the meeting point of the moment and diversity. In same Calle Libertad find one of the trendy cocktail bars with very affordable prices: Quien la invitó?. At the end of the street Pelayo DLRO Live, from Thursday to Saturday until 6:00.

If you like the bear or leather ambiance, you should certainly have a drink in Enfrente (Infantas, 12), Bears Bar (Pelayo, 4), Zarpa (Infantas,26) The paso (Costanillla de los Capuchinos, 1), Barbanarama (San Bartolomé, 8) and Hot (Infantas, 9). Also, remember around 8 December, every year this tribe organizes special activities and meetings between 'bears' arrived from all over the country.

On the other hand, with or without show, Black and White (Libertad,34)  is one of the pioneers of Chueca. This place is the most legendary gay Madrid, known all over the world and always very lively despite his seniority -there are more than 30 years of history, night parties and live drag shows. Its stage has passed most strippers and drag queens on the national scene as well as international stars, some authentic references of cabaret. Today reopens its doors with a new image.

LL Showbar (Pelayo, 11),  that from eleven at night offers spectacles and has a very varied public. With its downstairs also lively but somewhat darker.

In Madrid, as in any big city, the girls also have their own spaces. In the Plaza de Chueca and nearby are two of the busiest, Truco (Chueca square) and Fulanita de Tal (Regueros,9), where you can dance and have a drink, though, despite being girlie bars, both characterized by the mixture of people who come to them. Escape (Chueca square) also worth a visit, a place where many women meet, but it is also allowed to enter boys.

Moreover, in summer the terraces of the square are the perfect place to watch and know the atmosphere of one of the busiest places around Madrid but, yes, it is not easy to find a free table. In any case, starting from the Plaza de Chueca and in any direction, every night the neighborhood is overflowing with people who frequent the multitude of restaurants open in the area, so it is best to take to the streets and see where it takes us the environment.


A few minutes from Chueca is the Boite disco (Tetuan, 27), open Friday and Saturday from midnight and has become a classic night on weekends, particularly for its famous Friday Ultrapop. Is mostly gay Fridays, Saturdays while she enjoyed in a mixed environment 'gay-straight' which gives a sample of the diversity of the city.

Pk2 (Sala Pirandello, Calle Martín de los Heros, 14)  is also a good option if what you want is a SeXion Saturday, with the most current music and live shows. If you want spetial entry click here.

The Club 33 (Cabeza, 33) nightclub is one of its mythical lesbian place, although the entrance to guys who are not accompanied are not allowed, the public is varied once the entrance and the environment, to say the understood, it's really fun.



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